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The design and construction, manufacturing and installation of equipment and facilities in the plant, the quality of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, and the implementation will affect project quality. The key technology factor of clean room of pharmaceutical plant is the control of dust and microbe. As a pollutant, microbe is the top priority of environmental control in the clean room of pharmaceutical plant. Moreover, the accumulated pollutants in equipment and pipes in the clean area of pharmaceutical plant can directly pollute drugs. Therefore, every link from project approval to production and operation of pharmaceutical clean production plant needs to be paid enough attention, to strictly control pharmaceutical quality.

Application Scenes

  1. Solid preparation pharmaceutical factory           
  2. Oral liquid pharmaceutical factory            
  3. Ointment pharmaceutical factory            
  4. Powder pharmaceutical factory            
  5. Dressing and patch pharmaceutical factory            
  6. Medical device manufacturer

Key Feature

  1. Strict plane layout process design.
  2. Strict indoor environment requirements: decoration quality, air quality, cleanliness, temperature and humidity, sterile environment, pressure gradient, noise, etc.
  3. Strict production management process.


We will help our customers with the comprehensive design results according to the production process, equipment, air conditioning purification, water supply and drainage, various facilities, specifications and regulations. It embodies the standardization, skill, advanced nature, economy and rationality of design, and is an important part of GMP hardware. The process layout shall be reasonable and compact according to the requirements of the production process, which is conducive to the production operation and ensures effective management of the production process.

The air quality provided by the air purification system of pharmaceutical plants will directly affect the level of particulate and microbial pollution in the production of drugs in this environment, and then directly affect the quality of drug production. Air purification system is a dynamic system, which needs to pay attention to the running state of the system.

There are two concepts of air purification system: one is positive pressure control to prevent the impact of external air on the environment; Second, negative pressure control to prevent the diffusion of particle pollution in the production process.

Air conditioning design, installation and operation should meet different purposes, so the system needs to be strictly tested, controlled and verified. .

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