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Manufacturing Industries HVAC Solution

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Manufacturing industries always have a strong demand for air conditioning, and they are the major energy consumers in various manufacturing fields. Each different manufacturing industry has different air quality requirements, some are strict temperature and humidity control requirements and some not, including different standard of cleanliness level. Through optimal system design, accurate data calculation, equipment selection and air distribution arrangement, Airwoods customizes an efficient and energy-saving solution for customers, saving a lot of energy for the manufacturing business when meeting the process requirements.

Application Scenes

1. Automobile manufacturing workshop
2. Electronic manufacturing workshop
3. Food processing workshop
4. Gravure printing
5. Chip factory

Key Feature

-Reliable and short time solution

-Running smooth with low power consumption

-Good pricing with quality HVAC facilities


-Jet flow ceiling type air handler supply constant airflow to keep indoor under certain temperature and humidity

-Fresh air handling unit introduce pre-cool/heat air via the air to air heat exchanger with fine filter purfication to control indoor air pressure and oxygen

-Air cooled heat pump water chiller or condensing unit as cooling or heating source power refrigerant to terminal air handler

-Smart PLC or DDC control system manage all IAQ in good conditions

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