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Education Building HVAC Solution

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When comes to education, most of the time we refer to school where both students and teacher need to have a good learning experience,sufficient amount of fresh air with well-filtered is an good solution to ensure students optimal concentration, prevent allergies, fatigue etc. Indoor air quality(O2/cleanness/temperature/humidity) and sound are always the points for Airwoods when recommending HVAC machine for education place.

Application Scenes

1. Class Room
2. Teachers’ office building
3. Library
4. Indoor Sports Hall

Key Feature

-Flexible HVAC solution service for your budget

-Indoor temperature and fresh air smart control

-Energy saving by the air to air heat recovery technology


-DX or chilled water FCU maintain indoor air temperature

-Fresh air handling unit introduce pre-cool/heat air via the air to air heat exchanger with fine filter purification to control indoor air pressure and oxygen

-Air cooled heat pump water chiller or condensing unit as cooling or heating source power refrigerant to terminal air handler

-Smart PLC or DDC control system manage all IAQ in good conditions

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