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Case Study:ISO 8 Cleanroom For Australia Cosmetic Company


The client is an Australian luxury cosmetic company dedicated to create an affordable and performance-based skincare products. With the expansion of the company, The client chose Airwoods to supply cleanroom material and HVAC system design.

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Case Study: Mongolia Office Air Handling Unit


The AHU with use in this project has heat recovery function reduces the ventilation heat loss significantly and achieve eco-friendly and cost saving purposes. The preheating system provides the suitable and comfort indoor air.

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Case Study: Pharmaceutical AHU & Dust Extraction Solution


AIrwoods establish long term strategic relationship with the client. Offer clean room construction material and HVAC solution. The pharmaceutical factory located in Altiplano, a highland plateau with 4058 meters above sea level.

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Case Study: Taipei Arena Ice Land Skating Rink Chiller


Taipei Arena Ice Land is currently the largest and only ice skating rink in Taiwan meets international standards. Client demanded the highest standards when engineering its ice rink refrigeration systems and found us for chilling solutions.

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Case Study: Elementary School HVAC Solution


Client is asked to provide three HVAC solutions for elementary schools. School owners requests the classrooms have well air circulation and bypass function. Children can study in comfort environment and improve learning performance.

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Case Study: PCR Clean Room HVAC System


To face the challenge of rapidly growing Covid-19 confirmed cases in Dhaka, Praava health commissioned a PCR lab expansion of its Banani Medical Center to create a better testing and diagnostic environment in 2020.

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Case Study: Paint Booth HVAC System


Client is spray painting system manufacture that use waterborne and solvent paint. We offered our Air Handling Unit with customized functions that fits client’s requirements of humidity and temperature control in painting and drying booths.

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ISO8 ISO9 Cleanroom for Cosmetic Production


The Cosmetic Production cleanrooms allow for complete flexibility, providing each component to be individually selected and manufactured to achieve exactly the design of cleanroom required.

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ISO 7 Class Clean Rooms for Dairy Product Production


The project is for the manufacturer of milk products in Birmingham city, UK who looked good supplier to design and supply three ISO-7 class clean rooms and one freezer room. The clean room is necessary for milk product production and freeze…

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Moon Cake Packaging Workshop HVAC System


Purified strong cold and heat recovery air conditioning system used in COFCO's moon cake packaging workshop

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ISO8 Cleanroom for Ethiopian Airlines


Airwoods was successively being the general contractor of Ethiopian Airlines ISO8 clean room project.

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AHU Creates Hygienic Air Quality for Kosovo Hospital


Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are complex environments that require ventilation for comfort and to control hazardous emissions. Ventilation and air distribution pattern have a great effect on the IAQ; also air movement in a room…

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