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Volume Control Damper

Volume control damper

Product Description

FK029-Volume control damper

FK038-Round volume control damper


Cleanroom Equipment

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    FKO23-Round return air grille ABS-016 Round air grille FK007D-Removable single/double deflection air grille FK008A-Adjustable single/double deflection air grille FK008B-Adjustable single/double deflect…

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    AIRWOODS supplies different kinds of laboratory storage cabinet series, including reagent cabinet(drug cabinet), utensil cabinet, air cylinder cabinet, locker, sample cabinet and filing cabinet, etc.

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    Clean Room Fume Hood effectively and partially protects the product users and other laboratory people from the harm of chemical reagents and other harmful substances.

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    The aluminum profile surface of big frame structure aluminum-wood laboratory bench has been static powder coated, featuring corrosion-resistance, fire-resistance and moisture-resistance, etc.

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    Steel-Wood Laboratory Bench is of good load bearing capacity, strong independence and ease of maintenance when used to hang wood cabinet.

  • All Steel Laboratory Bench

    The cabinet body of All Steel Laboratory Bench is meticulously made with quality cold-roled steel sheets through a series of complex processes of shearing, bending, welding, pressing and burnishing and…

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