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2MM Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Paint

1. Smooth mirror-like surface
2. Seamless, non-dusty and easy to clean
3. Solvent-free and environmental
4. Corrosion-resistance dense surface
5. A large range of colors for choice

Product Technical Parameters

Model: JD-2000

Product Description

JD-2000 is a two-component solvent-free epoxy floor paint. Nice appearance, dust &corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The flooring system can bond well with the solid base and has good abrasion and wearing resistance. Meanwhile, it has certain toughness, brittle-resistance and can stand a certain weight. The compressive strength and impact resistance ability is also excellent.

Where to Use:
It is mainly used for the non-dusty and non-bacteria areas like food factory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital, precision machinery, electronic factory, etc.

Technical Data:
Drying time:  Touch dry: 2 hours        Hard dry: 2 days
Compressive strength (Mpa): 68
Impact resistance strength (Kg·cm): 65
Flexural strength (Mpa): 40
Adhesive force grade: 1
Pencil hardness (H): 3
Abrasion resistance(750g/1000r, zero gravity, g)≤0.03
Resistance to engine oil, diesel oil for 60 days: no change.
Resistance to 20% sulfuric acid for 20 days: no change
Resistance to 20% Sodium hydroxide for 30 days: no change
Resistance to toluene, ethanol for 60 days: no change
Service life: 8 years

Recommended Consumption:
Primer: 0.15kg/sqm           Undercoat: 0.5kg/sqm+Quartz Powder: 0.25kg/sqm             Top coat: 0.8kg/sqm

Application instructions:
1. Surface preparation:Correct substrate preparation is critical for optimum performance. Surface should be sound, clean, dry and free from loose particles, oil, grease, and other contaminants.
2. Primer: Prepare a barrel, pour JD-D10A and JD-D10B in it based on 1:1. Stir the mixture well and then apply it with roller or trowel. The reference consumption is 0.15kg/㎡.The main purpose of this primer is to seal the substrate completely and avoid air-bubbles in the body coat. A second coat may be required depending on the oil absorption condition of substrate. The recoat time is about 8 hours.
Inspection standard for the primer: even film with certain brightness.
3. Undercoat: Mix WTP-MA and WTP-MB based on 5:1 first, then add quartz powder (1/2 of the mixture of A and B) into the mixture, stir it well and apply with trowel. The consumption quantity of A and B is 0.5kg /sqm. You can do it one coat at one time or two coats at two times. In the second case, the application interval is about 8 hours at 25 degrees. Sand the first layer, clean it and then apply the second layer. After the whole application, wait another 8 hours, grind it, clean the sanding dust and then continue the next procedure.
Inspection standard for the undercoat: Non-sticky to hand, no softening, no nail print if you scratch the surface.
4. Top coat: Mix JD-2000A and JD-2000B according to 5:1 and then apply the mixture with trowel. The consumption quantity is 0.8-1kg/sqm. One coat is enough.
5. Maintenance: 5-7 days. Don’t use or wash with water or other chemicals.

Clean up

Clean tools and equipments first with paper towels, then clean the tools with solvent before the paint hardens


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