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Clean Room – Health and Safety Considerations for Cleanroom

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Global Standardization Fortifies Modern Clean Room Industry

The international standard, ISO 14644, spans a wide range of cleanroom technology and holds validity across numerous countries. The use of cleanroom technology facilitates control over airborne contamination but can also take other contamination causes into account.

The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) officially standardised the regulations and standards developing differently in countries and sectors, and internationally recognised the ISO 14644 standard in November 2001.

The global standard allows uniform rules and defined standards to facilitate international transactions and increase safety between trade partners, allowing certain criteria and parameters to be relied upon. Thus making the cleanroom concept a country and industry wide concept, classifying both requirements and criteria of cleanrooms as well as air cleanliness and qualification.

Ongoing developments and new research are continuously considered by the ISO technical committee. Hence, the revision of the standard includes a wide range of questions about planning, operation and novel cleanliness-related technological challenges. This means the cleanroom technology standard always keeps a pace of economic, cleanroom specific and individual sector developments.

In addition to ISO 14644, VDI 2083 is often used for the description of processes and specifications. And according to Colandis is regarded as the world’s most comprehensive set of regulations in clean room technology.

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